Thank you so much for making my house looks so lovely. I am very lucky that you put such caring and effort into what your work.  Many thanks for your efforts - especially today when I truly needed the help.  I let out a cheer when I walked in the door. I can tell you worked very hard and it showed.

Many thanks again, from a very satisfied customer.

--Kim Collin - West Bloomfield, Michigan
Kim's Cleaning team has provided their expert cleaning in my home for over a year now. I couldn't be happier. They are definitely the best in town, and believe me, I have tried them all. Their dependable consistency has offered me the opportunity to spend more quality time with my family, which is priceless. They have comparable pricing and are completely trustworthy. Long gone are the days of worrying what I would come home to, as I did with other cleaning companies. My home and my patronage are treated with respect. Now, I come home to a sparking clean home, rather than another "no show" excuse on the answering machine!

--April Bousamra - White Lake, Michigan
For the past 20 years, I've always had a cleaning "lady" or service to help me with the housework; it's one of my few luxuries.    I entertain friends and clients regularly, so it's important that my house is clean and tidy.  Kim's Cleaning is the best service I have ever had.  They have worked for us over 5 years now  providing excellent and consistent service.

The team is always cordial, polite and very efficient.  They have no problems when I ask them to do another job or discuss the way I like things done. 

I would high recommend Kim's Cleaning to anyone who wants their house cleaned with no hassles.  Owning a small business myself; I understand the various problems associated with it.  Kim handles them seamlessly while providing her clients with excellent service. 

Good job Kim, and keep up the good work!

--Bev Campbell - Milford, Michigan